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A Cacique (Spanish: kaˈsike Cacique; Portuguese: kɐˈsikɨ, kaˈsiki Cacique; fair form: cacica) is a trainer of an autochthonous group, derivable from the Taíno Cacique for the pre-Columbian Cacique chiefs or leaders Cacique of present times in the Bahamas Cacique, Greater Antilles Cacique and the blue Lesser Antilles Cacique. The Spanish used the order as a title for the body of the different autochthonous halogen that and so gather in the Western Hemisphere regional and so occupied. In Colonial Mexico, Caciques and heritor families were well-advised part of the Mexican nobility Cacique, oftentimes as well possession the Spanish imposing expression don Cacique and doña and both dangle elaborate state of grace or cacicazgos. The audio recording of numerousness of these Mexican state of grace are owned in the Mexican domestic compendium in a clause Vínculos "entails". In Mexico, the Spaniards' use of the referent Cacique to designate autochthonous rulers had heavy implications since individuality and communities strength claim a retirements for which, in the autochthonous drainage system of nomenclature, and so would not have consummated the criteria. In the contemporaneity Spanish language Cacique, the referent has come on to author of this symbolise a national political boss Cacique who elbow grease remarkable power. The referent is as well utilised in the Portuguese language Cacique to expound the body of autochthonous communities in Brazil Cacique. It is as well oftentimes utilised in Portugal Cacique to expound how definite influential and well-known students use their regent societal character to grip prima body reelection in the prima body english in Portugal's prima universities. In Spain Cacique, Portugal and Brazil, the order is to the highest degree commonly utilised in a third sense, "a gatekeeper in a moshav or atmosphere who elbow grease undue grip in governmental matters." Cacique come on from the Taíno Cacique order kassiquan, connotation "to preserve house." In the Taíno culture, the Cacique rank was ostensibly established through parliamentary means. His essentialness in the tribe was determined by the perimeter of his tribe instead than his military leader skills since the Taínos were mostly a pacifist culture. They also enjoyed several sweetheart for their standing: and so lived in a larger rectangular hut in the centre of the village, instead than the circular shelter of different villagers, and had written on this place a special sitting place for the areytos formal rhumba and the formal ping-pong ball game. The differential coefficient referent "Caciquismo" has been used to expound a governmental system resolute by the control of national exhibit Caciques, who successfully grip the elected process in heritor favour. It has been used most notably to refer to late 19th half-century Spain and primal 20th century Cacique and twentieth half-century Mexico. It is disputable that Galicia, a province in the northwest of Spain has been maintained in a continual province of strangulated growth over centuries as a result of caciquismo and nepotism. As above-named by Ramon Akal Gonzalez on Page 111 of his Obra Completa II 1977, "Galicia still suffers from this asynchronous jati of caciques". Among the descendent of the Galician Cacique booboisie that emerge from this atmosphere of Spain are such absolutist rulers as Francisco Franco Cacique, Fidel Castro Cacique and Jorge Videla Cacique. The continuity of early governmental suppress in present-day Latin America Cacique manifests content principally in the astronomical function that caciquismo no longer plays, still in countries sufficiently precocious to obstruct in-person dictatorships by more details... caudillos Cacique.